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Are the black, rose and yellow gold, or vibrant color plated tungsten rings as tough as the natural tungsten rings? Will the plating scratch or fade over time?

The black, 18k rose and yellow gold, and vibrant colors are actually plating affixed to the tungsten. Tungsten itself is silver in color so the only way to achieve the color is to use plating. The black and vibrant colored plating will not scratch or wear off as easily as traditional metals, but it is not as scratch resistant as the tungsten underneath. Plating can be damaged or scratched by coming into contact with an abrasive surface or substance, chemicals, or hard surfaces (metal, wood, tile, etc.). Plating can also be damaged by frequent exposure to hard water, or frequent/repeated contact with moderately hard surfaces. The 18k rose and yellow gold plating, however, will not ever fade, scratch, or come off.

Sizing for Comfort Fit

Comfort Fit rings have a contoured inner surface, in which the wearer has less of the band surface touch the skin. This makes a Comfort Fit ring very comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Comfort Fit rings typically, but not always, run approximately a half size (1/2) larger than rings that are flat. It is the buyer's responsibility to be properly sized and ultimately the buyer's decision as to which size to order. I do suggest being sized by at least at 2 jewelers as sizing varies from place to place, and ask to be sized specifically for Comfort Fit. If they are not familiar with Comfort Fit, ask to be sized with an actual wedding band as it most closely resembles Comfort Fit sizing.


I offer free engraving on the inside of your ring up to 45 characters including letters, numbers, and the following symbols: ❤ ★ ✝ ✡ ∞ ✿ . Available font choices are displayed in the listing images. Please include your engraving request in the "Note to Seller" section at checkout. Customized engraving is available upon request for an additional charge, simply message me for a price quote. Engraved rings are not eligible for exchange or return.